Are You An Aspiring Working Professional In Pursuit Of Wealth And Abundance?

Give Your Pursuit A Proper Direction With The Expense Elimination Funnel.

‼️Do you sometimes wonder where your money goes?

❌ Did you try budgeting to control your spending but to no avail?

📉 Do you feel you are not saving enough to make your future peaceful?

🚫 Do you feel you would have to compromise your lifestyle if you want to save and invest money?

😊 I have some good news for you 😊

❌ If you want to fill a bucket with water, the first thing you want to make sure is that the bucket doesn’t have any hole.

✅ Having Wealth and Abundance is similar to filling the bucket with water. The only difference is instead of water you want to fill your Bank account with money. However, expenses are the holes which are preventing you from filling your bank account with abundant money.

❌ Expenses does what a leak does with Water in a Bucket. They don’t allow Your Wealth to Grow Considerably and Sustainably.

Hi, I am Jiten Modi, A Personal Finance Strategist on a Mission to Help 100,000 Families Live a Zero Stress Financial Life

• From being trapped into Debt every Alternate Year during the first 12 Years of my Career to the Point where I am Managing my Money Prudently and Judiciously especially the Spending Part.

• I have gone through more than 25 Books on Money Management & Personal Finance, Followed more than 7 Experts including Ron Malhotra & Carl Richards and Researched for about 7 Years to Crack the Code at a Direct Cost of Rs. 4.5 Lakhs and an Opportunity Cost of about Rs. 25 Lakhs

The Expense Elimination Funnel

I am looking for 100 Aspiring Working Professionals who are in Pursuit of Wealth and Abundance, for my new 5-Day Expense Elimination Funnel WhatsApp class. 📲 

💥The Expense Elimination Funnel 💥: How to Cut Down Your Expenses Up To 40% Without Budgeting Even If You Want to Perpetuate Your Existing Lifestyle

Here’s how you’re going to cut down your expenses:-

Module 1️⃣  – Overview: How Your Spending Habits Are Repelling Wealth And Abundance From Your Life?

Module 2️⃣ – The Little Leaks: How To Manage Your Routine Spending?

Module 3️⃣ – The Elephants: How To Plan Your Big-Ticket Spends?

Module 4️⃣ – The EPH Rule: What Is The EPH Rule And How You Can Apply It For Curbing Spends?

Module 5️⃣ – The Strategy And Road Map: How To Incorporate Time Consideration, Formulate A Strategy To Reduce Your Expenses Up To 40% And Your 30-Day Road map To Zero-Stress Financial Life

Still Want to Keep Spending Money? Or TAKE CONTROL of Your Money and Make it Work for You?

I plan on charging Rs.1,999 for this 5-Day WhatsApp Class when I launch it officially.

But, for now You can be part of the same at an investment of Rs. 99, less than even what a Pizza Costs and that too after learning and implementing everything for two days. Yes, you read it right. You can attend the first two modules of the workshop absolutely free.

Here is What You will Get:

Expense Elimination Funnel – Value Rs. 1,999

Bonus 1: Zero-Debt Blueprint – Value Rs. 2,999

Bonus 2: Credit Card Leveraging Blueprint – Value Rs. 1,999

Bonus 3: Motor Insurance Blueprint: Value Rs. 999

Bonus 4: All-in-one Expense Tracker Sheet: Value Rs. 999

Total Value: Rs. 8,995

Your Investment: Rs. 99 only

Hi, I Am Jiten Modi.

Son Of A Driver, Born And Brought Up In Typical Indian Village;
A Brilliant Student At Academics, A Cricket Fanatic;
Once A Corporate Zombie And A Pathetic Money Manager Turned Into A Personal Finance Strategist.
I Am The Founder Of Financial Abundance Tribe And Creator Of Astute Money Matrix.
I Am On A Mission To Help 100,000 Families Live A Zero Stress Financial Life.