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The 4 Phases Of Manifesting Wealth And Abundance

Anything and everything we want in life is the result of the inputs we give and the processes we follow. Manifesting Wealth and Abundance is no exception.

Have you ever thought about a life where you have wealth in abundance? How would a life with a whole lot of wealth look like? How your days would change after manifesting wealth in abundance? While you find answers to these questions, let’s find out how you can manifest wealth and abundance into your life.

Bidding Adieu To:

Before taking any step towards manifesting wealth and abundance, you need to get rid of a few things which could be the first few roadblocks in manifesting wealth and abundance. Let’s look into these possible detriments and bid adieu to the at the earliest.


Blaming others and circumstances or situation for anything doesn’t go well if you want to manifest wealth and abundance into your life.

Instead, you have to take ownership and responsibility for each and everything in your life.


Living with a scarcity mindset won’t take you anywhere. Just look around the abundance all around you and think as if you have as much right on this abundance as any other living creature on the planet.

In simple terms, don’t think as if someone is getting something you would be deprived of it. Think like there is enough of everything and each one would be getting what he/she deserves.


This would arguably be the most critical reason why most people are not able to manifest wealth and abundance into their life. People constantly compare themselves, their life and almost every aspect of their life with others. With their friends, neighbours, colleagues, relatives and even that unknown man passing by in a car!

Remember, each human on this planet is unique and is playing his unique role in life. So, stop comparing yourself to anyone. Just compare yourself with your yesterday and make sure that you are progressing from what you were.


Money should always be thought of as a tool to acquire wealth. Instead, many people think of money as a tool to acquire either necessities or luxurious.

There are many instances of individuals who have got a whole lot of money and couldn’t drive home the advantage by squandering the money. Sushil Kumar, the winner of Rs. 5 crores from Season 5 of the popular quiz show KBC is one such example.

You need to be judicious about spending your money if you are to manifest wealth and abundance. Your principles, values, and what you love and care for would play a vital role in deciding your spending pattern.


Being jealous of someone for something or anyone for anything serves no purpose. Instead of being jealous, you should be grateful for everything that you have and appreciate others for their achievements.

As touched upon briefly while discussing scarcity, there is no limit to what you can achieve and have. It’s not as if someone has got something, you won’t get your share.

The Scrutiny:

Now that you know what to be eliminated from your life, let’s make an audit of your life with two perspectives.

Make Peace With The Past:

Given a chance, you, I and almost everyone would love to change one or more stuff from our past. However, you and I know pretty well that it’s not going to happen. We can’t change anything about the past.

Hence the obvious option is to accept whatever has happened in past and learn a few lessons from the past and move ahead. This is referred to as making peace with the past.

Take Stock Of The Present:

Now, focus on what you have right now. It’s what you have now and what you have learned from the past that would help you reach where you want to reach in future.

The Need Of The Hour:

Once you have got rid of those barriers, made peace with your past and taken stoke of your present, now is the time to look forward to the future.

The Ideal Future Self:

How much wealth you want for yourself in future is the next question to ask yourself. If you don’t know what exactly you want, more often than not you would end up not getting it. Hence, setting yourself a definite target is crucial. Below are the two caveats to deciding the target.

Happiness Is The Key:

If you ask men around yourself, how much wealth do you want for yourself, 19 put of 20 would say as much as possible. Why should one restrict wealth or put a limit to it?

Your happiness plays a vital role in deciding how much wealth you want for yourself. It’s all about the feeling of happiness you would have with a certain amount of wealth. Because for those who want everything won’t be satisfied with anything.

The Ego Will Always Want More:

Continuing with the above point, it’s just our ego that makes us think of having it all. Rather than paying too much importance to the ego, consider happiness in deciding your future ideal self.

Work out what is the level that you want to reach and start working towards achieving it. 

What your future self looks like in terms of how much wealth you want in the future would serve as a destination in the navigation system. If you have ever used the navigation feature in Google Maps, you would surely figure out what I am talking about. Now is the time to put the navigation system to work.

Believe It’s Within The Grasp:

Everything is made twice. First in the mind of the creator and then in reality. This is true for each and everything. So, in order for you to achieve wealth and abundance, you have to believe that you can manifest it.

It’s like attempting with a mindset that there is no other alternative and you won’t fail in your pursuit of wealth and abundance. Believing in yourself, your actions and above all in the Universe that all the wealth and abundance you are seeking is within your grasp. The only thing that’s separating you from the wealth and abundance you are seeking is the constant action to achieve it.

The Mind Game:

In order to fill your mind with unshakable belief and confidence that you are going to manifest the wealth and abundance in your life, you need to feed your mind on a daily basis. Following activities, within the first hour of waking up in the morning, would help you in doing so.


Expressing your gratitude towards whatever you have right now is one of the ways to the Universe. Take a few minutes and list down all the stuff you are thankful for. E.g. Having your parents, the spouse with you, being blessed with children, being alive, given the opportunity to serve your clients or community, being healthy, etc.

Sort them out and pick 3 to 5 most important things. Now every morning within the first hour of waking up, speak out loud to the universe that you are grateful. This activity would give a sense of contentment.


Speaking affirmations, aloud, every day within the first hour of waking up is one of the best ways to make your subconscious mind and the whole nervous system believe that you are already having what you are seeking.

You need to frame 3 to 5 powerful sentences which are personal and in the present tense. E.g. I am earning Rs. 1,00,000 per month by helping people live a Zero-Stress Financial Life; I am living in a newly built dream home with all the amenities.


The visualization part is all about feeling and living in the moment as if you have achieved what you want to achieve i.e. a whole lot of wealth and abundance.

This visualization activity, for 2 to 5 minutes a day, would spark up the inspiration and motivation within you to achieve wealth and abundance you are seeking to manifest.


Scribing is writing down your 3 to 5 chosen goals with a pen or pencil on to a notebook.

All the 4 activities are part of my morning routine which I have adopted after reading the book, ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod. The purpose of doing these activities within the first hour of waking up is to engage all your sense towards the goal you want to achieve. It would set up the tone for the day. It would make sure that you are reminded of what you are up to and would also help you stay inspired and motivated throughout the day.

Instil these 4 activities in your morning routine and your activities during the day would be in line with manifesting wealth and abundance. 

Key Focus Areas:

Now, coming to the heart of manifesting wealth and abundance, wealth is a function of the following areas in personal finance. So, they become your key focus areas.


The more you earn, the faster you manifest wealth and abundance. It is as simple as A B C. In order to earn more, you need to understand one thing and that one thing is that each and every individual in the world has 24 hours a day. How you utilize the given 24 hours in a day would determine how much you would earn.

Apart from time, you need to find out every other possible resource which could help you earn. Leveraging all the resources to earn an optimum income should be your goal.


Remember squandering, one of the things to get rid of in the first part of this article. It’s applicable more to this aspect than any other. Money working for you would help you achieve wealth and abundance faster than any other things put together.

Hence, value the money you earn and spend wisely.  Try and live well within your means i.e. spend less than what you earn. Instil minimalism and frugality in life so that you can save and invest enough money to work for you.


Debt is perhaps the most dangerous aspect of personal finance that evades you from achieving wealth and abundance. We have discussed living within our means by adopting minimalism and frugality little while back and debt is quite opposite of that very concept.

Taking debt means utilizing your future income in present. So, you need to think twice or even thrice before indulging into debt. Try to pay off all the bad debts you have on a priority basis and make sure you are not indulging on any further bad debts.

Savings And Investment:

Savings mean the difference between what you earn and spend while investment means putting this difference (savings) at work in some avenue so that it can generate some return for you.

In order to excel at investing and generate optimum returns, you need to know the asset classes and various risks associated with the investment. Basic and working knowledge of the above two is good enough for you to start investing.


Preserving and protecting money and wealth, particularly from the uncontrollable of life is as important as generating a return on investment.

The absence of protection mechanism is like a bag with a hole at the bottom. No matter how much wealth you accumulate in that bag, the hole at the bottom allows the wealth to get out or go away.

The Momentum:

Let the action begin and the momentum to build. While you are taking actions to manifest wealth and abundance, remember the following 3 key points.

Pay The Price:

There are certain Universal laws and some men made rules. One such rule to remember in pursuit of wealth and abundance is that ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’.

Simply put, this rule means that you can not achieve wealth and abundance without paying the price of it. The price could be anything. Building something that solves a problem to earn money, giving up on some luxuries to save money, showing patience for your investments to reap the rewards, etc.

If you think you can manifest wealth and abundance just by deluding others, then you are deluding yourself. No one ever has accumulated sustainable wealth by breaking this rule. Raise your standards in every aspect of your life and start paying the price for manifesting wealth and abundance.

Focused Actions:

The actions you take throughout the day should be directed towards manifesting wealth and abundance. Anything and everything that is not contributing to your goal of manifesting wealth and abundance can take a back seat.

This is how you can take razor-focused actions which would help you achieve your goal of manifesting wealth and abundance as fast as possible.

10X Actions:

Grant Cardone put this very beautifully in his book, ‘The 10X Rule’. People take actions on various levels. People who come out victorious more often than not are the people who take 10X actions.

This concept of 10X actions is nothing but putting in more in every aspect than what is required to achieve the goal. It’s one of the sure-shot ways of achieving the goal.

Let The Universe Make Its Magic Work:

You can do all that’s in your control and I want you to give all that you have in terms of efforts for manifesting wealth and abundance and let the Universe make its magic work. If you are following everything that’s explained here to the ‘T’, the universal would definitely reward you with wealth and abundance. It will, as there is no other way these universal laws to operate.

Final Thoughts:

Mindset, knowledge, strategy and actions are the key 4 ingredients to achieving anything. I have discussed mindset, knowledge and action parts in detail. Using this you can develop a strategy to manifest wealth and abundance either yourself or with the help of a coach or mentor. Trust me it’s not as difficult or improbable as you thought. So give it a try with everything you can.

I would love to know your biggest action points based on the article in the comment box.


To Your Financial Well-being.

Hi, I am Jiten Modi. Son of a Driver, born and brought up in typical Indian Village; A brilliant Student at Academics, A Cricket fanatic; Once A Corporate Zombie and A Pathetic Money Manager Turned into A Personal Finance Strategist.

I am the Founder of ‘Financial Abundance Tribe’ and Creator of ‘Astute Money Matrix’

I am on a Mission to help 100,000 families live a Zero Stress Financial Life.

Jiten Modi

Son of a Driver, Born and brought up in typical Indian village; A brilliant Student at Academics, A Cricket fanatic; Once A Corporate Zombie and A Pathetic Money Manager, turned into a Personal Finance Strategist; on a Mission to help 100,000 families live Zero-Stress Financial Lives. I am the founder of Financial Abundance Tribe and Curator of Astute Money Matrix, an e-learning course on Personal Finance and Money Management.

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