Hi, I Am Jiten Modi.

Son Of A Driver, Born And Brought Up In Typical Indian Village; A Brilliant Student At Academics, A Cricket Fanatic;
Once A Corporate Zombie And A Pathetic Money Manager Turned Into A Personal Finance Strategist.

From Being Trapped Into Debt Every Alternate Year During The First 12 Years Of My Career To The Point Where I Am Managing My Money Prudently And Judiciously Especially The Spending Part.

I Have Gone Through More Than 25 Books On Money Management & Personal Finance, Followed More Than 7 Experts Including Ron Malhotra & Carl Richards And Researched For About 7 Years To Crack The Code At A Direct Cost Of Rs. 4.5 Lakhs And An Opportunity Cost Of About Rs. 25 Lakhs

I Am The Founder Of Financial Abundance Tribe And Creator Of Astute Money Matrix.

I Am On A Mission To Help 100,000 Families Live A Zero Stress Financial Life.

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