You are currently viewing 8 Financial Lessons Learnt By A CEO Over Two Decades

8 Financial Lessons Learnt By A CEO Over Two Decades

An entire life time is not enough, if you are to learn everything from your own mistake. Learning from other people saves us time, efforts, energy and even money. What if the lessons are being taught by a CEO of a company? Wouldn’t it be ‘the icing on the cake’?

Lesson 1: Never ignore Insurance

Lesson 2: Always think long-term while investing

Lesson 3: Spread your money

Lesson 4: Focus on your financial goals

Lesson 5: Tax efficiency of investment

Lesson 6: Save for retirement

Lesson 7: Consult a good advisor

Lesson 8: Stay relevant

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Jiten Modi

Son of a Driver, Born and brought up in typical Indian village; A brilliant Student at Academics, A Cricket fanatic; Once A Corporate Zombie and A Pathetic Money Manager, turned into a Personal Finance Strategist; on a Mission to help 100,000 families live Zero-Stress Financial Lives. I am the founder of Financial Abundance Tribe and Curator of Astute Money Matrix, an e-learning course on Personal Finance and Money Management.

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